Neal M. Sher
Attorney at Law

Member of the Bar of New York 

Neal M. Sher is a prominent New York attorneyand is Senior Counsel to Simon & Partners, LLP,
Mr. Sher specializes in litigation, government relations and art law. He has had a long and distinguished career in both the public and private sectors, earning a worldwide reputation as a committed and forceful attorney. He has been at the forefront of complex and historical litigation, investigations and public advocacy for more than 30 years.


His unique experience, combined with his relationships with first-rate lawyers worldwide, makes him well qualified to assist you, your company or organization in navigating internal investigations, proceedings before administrative and regulatory bodies as well as sensitive litigation, including Art Law and Holocaust restitution.

As the former head of AIPAC, consistently described as one of the most influential lobbies in the nation, Mr. Sher brings a wealth of experience and know how in government relations and will be an effective advocate to advance your cause in the halls of power.

Published Articles

He has published numerous articles on legal, foreign affairs and political issues: See, List of Published articles, attached, You can read any of them by clicking here.

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Phone: 347-306-2860